Sci-Fi Novel Covers

A set of standardized book covers for three science-fiction books that would be sold as a box set.*

Initial Studies

I began by simply playing off of what I knew the books had in common. Having read them all, I had an appreciation of their subject matter and decided to come up with a system of icons that could be adapted each book. In my first thumbnails I played off diagrams and flow charts, coming up with a pseudo-scientific set of illustrations.

After my first round of sketches I wanted to retain the diagram-esque style, however I found that many of the images were too dainty. To counter that I scaled up the orbs around which I constructed the illustrations. The floods of color give the covers a dramatic punch that ties the variants together. To distinguish one novel from the next I created rings around them, as seen in class scientific images of ringed planets such as Saturn. Each novel has rings constructed in such a way as to reference its subject: The Reality Dysfunction has rings of smaller orbs in reference to the asteroid field where the main character is introduced; The Ganymede Club has several thin lines upon which orbs rest in reference to the planet Jupiter and its many moons; Kiln People is ringed with a waveform in reference to the "Standing Wave" which is at the center of the book's plot.

About the Books

If you're a huge science-fiction fan, like myself, then these books are definitely worth checking out. Below you can find links to buy them on Amazon.

The Reality Dysfunction by Peter F. Hamilton
The Ganymede Club by Charles Sheffield
Kiln People by David Brin