2012 London Olympics Schedule

This poster and app proposal was created to give visitors to the 2012 London Olympic Games an easy way to get around.*

Organization System

My preliminary studies played with various alternate organizations and coding schema. The version I settled on is focused on finding the location of each event. Events are first organized by geographical area: In Olympic Park and Around or Outside London. Events are then ordered chronologically within five-hour blocks of time.


Taking inspiration from the Union Jack for colors and shapes, I wanted to create a fun system that would augment the information, not overshadow it. The angular bars of the poster can change heights to accomodate more information, and when displayed side-by-side create a wave-like movement. In the app those same bars become the loading screen, and orientation seperates out the layers of information.

Companion App

In the app, clicking on an area brings up the list of events, automatically scrolling the next event to the top of the screen. Clicking on an event opens up a panel with the details of the event and a map showing the event's. Additionally a small compass icon points towards the event in order to facilitate walking around.