Inset Turntable & Diag Amp

Inset is a record turntable that combines contemporary materials and construction with the nostalgia of vinyl.

Inset uses a carbon-fiber tone-arm and ceramic bearings to ensure clear, consistent sound. An acrylic platter, digital speed control, and belt-drive system also work to reduce flutter, wow, and motor vibration.

Designed and modelled in the Rhinoceros 3D software, Inset was then rendered and animated in MODO 901.

Diag incorporates a modern interface into a classic piece of stereo equipment. Designed with the idea of object as decoration, Diag is a stereo meant for display.

Diag sports OLED light strips as volume indicator and equalizer visualization. A solidstate pre-amp/DAC handles any digital inputs, while the tube power-amp provides a full, rich sound.

Diag was designed and modelled in Rhinoceros 3D software, and rendered in MODO 901